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Opening of the exhibition ‘Housing Apart Together’ on the second location at STAM, Ghent

Today, Flanders is being asked to live smaller and closer together in village and city centers. Collective housing projects are elevated to an ideal image, but at the same time they raise many questions. The ‘Housing Apart Together’ exhibition seeks to provide answers based on 20 collective housing projects in Flanders.

The exhibition started in autumn 2019 in C-mine, Genk and is now moving to STAM in Ghent, from 19/01/2020 untill 3/05/2020.  Also view the digital exhibition brochure

Articles about the exhibition:

  • Housing Apart Together. A first exhibition on collective housing projects in Flanders
  • La Biomista. A cultural park for the work of Koen Vanmechelen
  • A house for the mind. Exhibition on the work of Dom Hans van der Laan and Jan de Jong
  • Winters in Brussel. De stadsresidentie van de familie d’Ursel