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Housing Apart Together. A first exhibition on collective housing projects in Flanders

Today, Flanders is being asked to live smaller and closer together in village and city centers. Collective housing projects are elevated to an ideal image, but at the same time they raise many questions. The ‘Housing Apart Together’ exhibition seeks to provide answers based on 20 collective housing projects in Flanders. The atmosphere and the daily (collective) life of the residents in the existing projects is being pictured. The short encounters between residents on their way from the parking spot to their home, in the bicycle shed, at the compost heap, from the terrace, … turn out to be very valuable. The privacy of each home is also often better treated than in a traditional living environment.

For the scenography, light wooden frames were assembled into structures with different scales that invite interaction and collectivity. The smallest frames form single and double seating elements and grow into table legs, walls and rooms. The ‘Vlaanderentafel’ is a central meeting place in the exhibition and invites to dialogue and discussion. The structures are light and modular, essential for a traveling exhibition.




Scenography: Voet en De Brabandere
Team: Caroline Voet, Leen De Brabandere, Thomas Dreezen, Stella De Reuver, Laura Steenbeke
Graphic Design: Undercast
Text: Peggy Totté
Production: Z33, Etoile Mécanique
In collaboration with: Architectuurwijzer, Peggy Totté
Photography: Brecht Van Maele
Opening: October 2019 in C-Mine, Genk
January 2020 in STAM, Ghent