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Voet en De Brabandere is a freelance collaboration between Caroline Voet and Leen De Brabandere,

focusing on scenographical projects.



Our designs start from stories and atmospheres.

They are architectural narratives.

Invitations and small gestures.

To use.

To open up an awareness to dialogue.

Or to disappear in ones own world.

Caroline Voet

Caroline Voet has her own practice in Antwerp since 2005, working on reconversions, scenography and public interiors. Her office is now called VOET architectuur. “I realised exhibitions and interiors for clients as the VAi (Flemish Architecture Institute), arts centre deSingel, the Interior Biennale in Kortrijk and Cinematek Brussels. I was curator of exhibitions as Flanders Avenue (Design Platform Vlaanderen) and the exhibition parcours mOmenten for the KU Leuven in Ghent. My furniture won several awards (Good Design Award, Henry Van De Velde Label).

Before 2005, I worked for Zaha Hadid in London and Christian Kieckens in Aalst/Brussels.

My practice has always been combined with research and teaching. I am professor at the KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus St-Lucas Ghent and Brussels, where I received my Ph.D. in 2013 on the work of Dom Hans van der Laan. I hold degrees in architecture from the Architectural Association in London and the Henry van de Velde Institute in Antwerp, where I both graduated with honours. My research and teaching focus is on spatial systematic and architectural methodology and has been published in for example ARQ and Interiors Routledge. I wrote for the Architectural Yearbook Flanders and in 2016 she was co-editor of the book Autonomous Architecture in Flanders.”


Leen De Brabandere

Being interested in many different aspects of architecture and design I experienced quite different work environments. In 2004 I graduated with honour as Master of Architecture at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Ghent.  For 4 years, I have worked as an architect at L.U.S.T. Architects with a focus on private housing.

Attracted by scenographical design and in need of a more interdisciplinary approach I worked for several years as a main designer for MADOC, a production house for exhibitions in Ghent.

The seizable, tangible size of the smaller scale appeals to me. I got passionate about concept and space. Getting to know the character of the exhibits, their stories and the intense search for the right medium and scale is always fascinating to me. I combined it briefly with logistic work for a private art collector who has an impressive collection in contemporary art. Together with my interest in tactile textures, furniture detailing and refinement, I try to convey my love for contemporary art into my work.

As from 2011, I started to work as a freelance designer (named ‘FORMA’) on both scenographic productions and interiors. I saw the wonderful exhibition ‘Dames met Klasse’ in Lamot and was impressed. That’s how I got into contact with the work of Caroline. Later I worked regularly for her on interior and architectural projects. We started doing our scenographical projects together, our collaboration grew organically to what it is today. There is always our common desire to give a true and natural answer to sometimes complex questions.



Present teammembers:  
Caroline Voet
Leen De Brabandere
Past teammembers:
Laura Steenbeke
Thomas Dreezen
Stella de Reuver
Sandra de Jager
Julie De Raedt
Valérie Eens
Sony Kitoko
Jins Callebaut
Annelies Belemans
Angelica Magrini
Lotte Eggers
  • Housing Apart Together. A first exhibition on collective housing projects in Flanders
  • La Biomista. A cultural park for the work of Koen Vanmechelen
  • A house for the mind. Exhibition on the work of Dom Hans van der Laan and Jan de Jong
  • Winters in Brussel. De stadsresidentie van de familie d’Ursel